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Duct Liner contains a non-flammable adhesive and a patent pending non-flammable propellant. Elgen’s convenient canister and user-friendly spray pat-tern make it an ideal adhesive for high speed production. Elgen’s spray pattern is adjustable down to three inches and has a “drier” pattern compared to most pebble-spray adhesives, giving operators greater control, less overspray and increased production speed.Elgen’s pressure-sensitive qualities make it suitable for a variety of applications: woodworking, manufactured hous-ing, general construction, RV, marine, furniture, textile, HVAC, and upholstery. It can be used on porous and many non-porous surfaces. Elgen Manufacturing Duct Liner has exceptional tack, high shear strength, heat/UV stability, water resistance, fast drying and a long working time.

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PrepertiesValueFlammability of CanisterNon-Flammable, per DOT test method for concentration limits of flammability of chemicals (ASTME681 Vapors And Gases).VOC Content:5% g/L.Solvent:EPA Method: 0 g/L. Meets Leeds Requirements.ColorLight Green when sprayed(optional black in 200# can)Boiling Point:104 °FShelf Life:24 months (agitate before use)Optimum Spray Temp.:70 °F to 80 °FStorage:Keep from freezingFlammable:NOService Temperature:-30 °F to 190 °FFlame Spread Index: 10Smoke Development Index:15


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