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Firestop Caulk 10 oz (Specified Technologies LCI300 Specseal)


SpecSeal® LCI Firestop Sealant is a water-based intumescent sealant intended for a wide range of through-penetration and construction joint applications. SpecSeal® LCI Sealant has excellent caulking properties making it easy to apply in vertical applications as well as overhead.

  • Gun Grade material available in caulk tubes, sausages and pails
  • Tested for use in through-penetration and construction joint configurations
  • Compatible with CPVC Piping
  • Can be sanded and painted to match its surroundings
  • Used in over 500 UL® Tested Systems

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Physical Properties
Color: Red
Odor: Mild Latex
Density: 9.0 lb/gal (1.08 kg/L)
pH: 9
Solids Content By Weight: 0.8
Solids Content By Volume: 0.669
In Service Temperature: < 185°F (85°C)
Flame Spread: 0*
Smoke Developed: 5*
STC Rating (ASTM E90/ASTM C919): 62
VOC Content
(EPA Method 24/ASTM D3960): 32.7 g/L
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Volume Expansion: 10X Free Expansion
Storage Temperature 40°F (4°C) – 95°F (35°C)


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