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SILVABRITE SOLDER PASTE FLUX is a zinc chloride containing Flux developed for soldering of steel, Copper, brass, nickel and plated based metal SILAVABRITE SOLDER PASTE FLUX is most commonly packed in Jars with brushes included for customer convenience. This paste is recommended for use in ,ost soldering application including torch and furnace.

Note: Screw Cap w/ Brush


  • Smooth, superior quality petrolatum based flux, especially formulated for use in extreme climate temperatures all year long.
  • Unlike some paste fluxes which become semi-liquid when stored at high temperatures, and stiff at low temperatures, climate smooth will NOT lose its consistency.
  • For use with all soft solders-including new, higher melting alloys.
  • For sweat soldering most common metals except aluminum.
  • Self-cleaning; lead-free formula.
  • Chemically removes oxides on contact and prevents oxidation during heating.
  • Meets Commercial Item Description A-A-51145 (supersedes Fed. Spec. O-F-506).

Note: Screw Cap w/ Brush

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4 oz bottle –¬†Silvabrite paste soldering flux

9 oz bottle  РClimate smooth Soldering Paste Р10619

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SILVABRITE Soldering paste – 4oz Bottle, CLIMATE SMOOTH Soldering Paste – 9oz


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