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Ideal Tape 728c ASJ Insulation Tape


Ideal Tape 728c ASJ Insulation 3″ Tape

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Ideal Tape 728c ASJ Insulation Tape

Ideal Tape 728AWF is a pressure sensitive ASJ insulation tape manufactured with the ASJ Foil / Scrim / Kraft facing used by most major manufacturers of ASJ faced insulation. Performance All Weather Formula adhesive system provides permanent bond to ASJ insulation facing. Primarily used for sealing cold and dual temperature duct and pipe systems where the basic insulation uses ASJ facing.

Cold Seal 729 ASJ+ is a pressure sensitive butt strip tape designed to provide a seamless finish to state-of-the-art duct board and pipe insulation facings composed of white polypropylene / scrim / foil (WMP).

**Ideal Tape’s 729 ASJ+ is a recommended tape to be used with the Owens Corning ASJ Max jacketing.

Cold Seal 729 ASJ+ is designed to perform in high/low temperature extremes. The release liner provides easy removal and it is available 3″ or 4″ widths. The superior adhesion and durability provides maximum vapor control to resist moisture infiltration.

White All Service Jacket

-25ºF to 280ºF

Acrylic – Pressure Sensitive

*This product replaces the old 428AWF ASJ Tape.


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