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GRIPNAIL – Insulation Hangers (Peel & Stick) – 100pcs/Box with Washers


Gripnail’s Insulation Hanger easily install any type of insulation up to 3.5″ thick to air ducts, metal buildings, concrete foundations – even to the underside of wooden roofs. Insulation Hangers are perfect for installing fiberglass or rubber insulation blankets or polystyrene board. Insulation Hangers have a sticker backing to make placing easier. They also have a unique Easy-Peel adhesive backing design so that there isn’t any fumbling with the release paper.

Peel Adhesive Backing

Insulation Hangers have a unique Easy-Peel adhesive backing design so that there isn’t any fumbling with the release paper.

Diamond Point

The diamond point on the Insulation Hanger is the sharpest in the industry and cleanly pierces the toughest duct liner.

Reinforced Design

The improved design of the base of the Insulation Hanger has a reinforcement design that strengthens the fastener


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Peel & Stick Insulation Hanger (Washers Included)

  • Fasteners and self-locking washers are manufactured from low carbon galvanized steel.
  • Other spindle lengths, gauges and materials are available upon request.
  • Shelf life is estimated at 2 years if hangers are stored at room temperature and at 50% relative humidity.
  • Self Locking washers measure 1 1/8″ x 1 1/4″.
  • Load per anchor should not exceed 3 lbs.
  • Operating Temperature should not exceed 150 oF.
  • Application temperature should exceed 40 oF.
  • All fasteners are packaged 500 pieces in a sturdy cardboard carton.

Application Instructions

  1. The Insulation Hanger will only stick to a clean, dry, smooth surface. Remove any oil, rust, loose paint, etc. before applying the fastener. Cleaning the surface is recommended.
  2. Peel off the backing paper. Notice that the Easy-Peel backing paper purposely overhangs the adhesive so that the paper is easy to grasp.
  3. Firmly press the fastener against the cleaning surface.
  4. Impale the insulation over the point of the fastener.
  5. Secure the insulation with the self locking washer.
  6. Bend or remove excess spindle.


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2", 2-1/2"


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