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Cable Operated Dampers (COD) – Internal Cable – Squared


  • Direct cable to damper connection.
  • Damper is adjusted via rotary cable actuation using a nut driver or flat head screwdriver.
  • Cable is routed inside the ductwork and terminated at the diffuser face.
  • No wall or ceiling penetrations are required.
  • Airflow balancing and damper adjustment is performed at the face of the diffuser. After balancing is complete, the cable is recessed behind the diffuser.
  • Remote snap-in cable assembly including mounting hardware is shipped loose for field mounting
  • Gang operated opposed blades meter air volume with minimal air disturbance
  • Type 2 remote cable operator
  • Standard cable length is 2 feet
  • Dampers with width (long dimension) 6″-16″ have one cable; 18″-32″ have two cables; 34″-48″ have three cables.
  • Material is heavy duty extruded aluminum with miscellaneous steel parts
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Effective air balancing begins with the balancing provisions that are designed into the HVAC system. They are designed for quick access and adjustment and are engineered for the least possible noise, turbulence and air resistance.  This allows precision balancing to be performed in the field with accuracy based on prior test results.

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6"x4", 6"x6", 8"x6", 10"x6", 10"x8", 12"x10", 12"x6", 12"x8", 14"x14", 14"x8", 16"x4", 16"x10", 16"x8", 18"x10", 18"x12", 18"x6", 20"x6", 22"x10", 22"x8"


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