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Brazing Rods Lucas Sil-Fos 5% 95060


Overview for Sil-Fos 95060

The best alloy for general purpose copper-copper brazing in the Sil-Fos family. For copper-to-copper joints the phosphorus in the Sil-Fos product serves as the fluxing agent and no seperate flux is necessary. For brass application however, flux is recommended. For use where close fit-ups cannot be maintained Sil-Fos 15 works well to bridge gaps. Highest joint ductility of the entire Sil-Fos family to best withstand the stresses inherent in refrigeration applications. Slow Flow.

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  • The manufacturer model number(s): Sil-Fos 95060
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Brazing Rods Lucas Sil-Fos 5% 95060

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