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Brazing Rods Lucas Sil-Fos 15%


  1. Sil-Fos 15 and was developed primarily for use on copper, but its use has extended to other nonferrous copper base alloys. It is used extensively on refrigeration units, air conditioning apparatus, electrical conductors, copper and brass pipe fittings, and other copper and brass equipment.
  2. Sil-Fos 15 is a copper rich, filler metal that is self-fluxing on copper by virtue of its phosphorus content. The selffluxing property of this filler metals is effective on copper only. With copper-base alloys, such as brass or bronze, the joints should be fluxed with Handy Flux?. Sil-Fos 15 should not be used on nickel-base and iron-base alloys, as the phosphorus reacts with the nickel or iron to form brittle compounds at the interface of the joints.
  3. Sil-Fos 15 has a strong tendency to liquate (i.e. to separate into low and high melting constituents) if heated slowly through its melting range, as normally occurs in furnace brazing. The results in leaving a “skull” of unmelted alloy behind may objectionable from the standpoint of appearance. In furnace brazing it is preferable to pre-place the alloys inside the joint where the skull is not visible.
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An economical, very fluid medium temperature filler metal for use with copper, brass and bronze. Withstands moderate vibration. Fast Flow.

Composition % Temperature
Silver Copper Phos MELT FLOW
15 80 5 1190° F 1475° F

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.125" DIA X .050" X 20" X 28 Rods, .125" SQ X 20" X 11 RODS


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