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Aerotape Self Adhesive EPMD Foam Tape – 1/8″x2″x30′


  • Aerotape™ is a flexible and self adhering foam tape and is made from the same high quality EPDM material that our Aerocel and Aerocel-CG closed cell insulation is made from.
  • Aerotape™ is ideal for wrapping hot and cold pipe, tubing and fittings. Aerotape™ is easy to use and prevents condensation. Aerotape™ is designed to prevent heat gain, heat loss and prevent frost from forming on chilled water tubing and refrigeration lines.
  • Aerotape™ adheres firmly to all metal surfaces and is coated with selected pressure sensitive adhesive providing long service life.

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Aerotape™ is 1/8” thick, 2” wide and 30′ long. It is packed in individual cartons and then over packed in master cartons, 10 per carton.

Physical Properties

Composition: EPDM Closed cell elastomeric thermal insulation. Same material as our Aerocel tube & sheet.
Color: Black
Density: 3 to 6 pounds per cubic foot ASTM D 1667
Thermal conductivity: 0.25 btu. In./ft3 hr. at 75° F
Water absorption: max. 5% by weight ASTM D 1056
Water vapor permeability: 0.10 perm-inch ASTM C 355
Temperature range: -70° F to 180° F


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