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Aeroflex Aeroseal – 1/2 pint

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Aeroseal™ adhesive (amber or black in color) is a modified neoprene contact adhesive specially formulated for bonding Aerocel insulating materials firmly together. Aeroseal™ creates strong seams and butt joints that will operate at temperatures up to 257 degrees F. Aeroseal™ may also be used for adhering sheet insulation to flat and curved surfaces that will operate at temperatures to 180 degrees F. Aeroseal™ adhesive (amber or black) is also ideal for use with other materials like metal, cork board, polyurethane foam, rigid PVC sheet, formica, melamine board and rubber sheet. Aeroseal™ adhesive has a high water vapor resistance and weathering resistance to prevent moisture from penetrating joints, and forms a permanent bond to the applied materials for long lasting service.

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Directions for Use

Stir contents thoroughly before use. Thinning is not recommended. Prepare both surfaces before applying adhesive by being sure they are dry and clean of any foreign matters. Apply a thin even coat to both surfaces to be bonded. Allow to dry but still tacky to the touch. Aeroseal™ will bond immediately upon contact, so it is necessary to position pieces accurately as contact is made. Moderate pressure should be applied over the entire area to assure that contact is complete.

It is recommended that the adhesive not be open for more than 10 minutes at a time and be applied only at temperatures above 40 degrees F. Do not apply to heated surfaces. If application is necessary under 40 degrees, extra care must be taken in application and closing the joint. Application below freezing (32 degrees F) is not recommended.

Where application is in an area that will operate at higher temperatures, it is recommended that the adhesive be cured a minimum of 36 hours to attain heat resistance assured to the temperatures stated in the description paragraph of this publication.

Although Aerocel insulation does not require protective coating, if coating is required, all bonded joints should be allowed to cure for at least 24 to 36 hours. When sheet material is installed requiring full surface coverage of adhesive, it is recommended the insulation be allowed to cure for one full week before coating is applied.

Clean Up

Use either lacquer thinners or methyl ethyl ketone to clean any residue from tools.


Extremely flammable. Vapors from this product may ignite or cause flash fires. Use only in well ventilated areas, with all windows and doors open. Do not expose to heat, sparks or open flames. Take precaution in exposure to any heat source. Extinguish all flames, pilot lights, heaters, stoves or electric motors. Do not smoke in area of usage.

Close container immediately after use. Do not inhale vapors for prolonged periods of time or allow prolonged contact with skin. Do not take internally and keep away from children. Not for consumer use. This product is sold only for professional or industrial applications.

Fire Performance

ASTM E 84 test Method
Applied on Asbestos Cement board
Flame Spread ……………….. 5
Smoke Developed ………25

Read carefully all warnings on label before use.


Color: Amber 1 Black
Composition: Synthetic Rubber base with synthetic resins and fillers added
Coverage: 200 square feet per gallon under ideal conditions
Drying Time: 3-6 minutes under ideal conditions
Net Weight: 6.9 Ib. per gallon
Solids Content: Approx. 25% by weight
Shelf Life: 1 to 2 years in monitored storage


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